Effective Medically Supervised Physical Therapy in West New York, NJ

According to medical statistics, millions of people suffer from injuries and illnesses that impair their mobility, such as stroke, arthritis, or fractures annually. If you are experiencing any of this, physical therapy is essential for rehabilitation and recovery. Family physician Daniel Maenner, DO, of The Doctor’s House, offers medically supervised physical therapy in West New York with an individualized care plan that includes frequent visits. Call or schedule an appointment online today to book your physical therapy consultation and examination.

What Exactly Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a medical procedure that addresses problems that result from musculoskeletal injuries and conditions affecting your functional mobility. Your specialist will analyze your injury or health condition to determine the best movements and techniques to enhance your health care outcome. The physical therapy exercises aim at improving your mobility, strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and function.

The experienced physicians at The Doctor’s House use various approaches in conducting your physical therapy care plan to enhance your functioning and decrease pain in the long term. By finishing your recommended physical therapy care plan, you can lessen your chances of getting other injuries and avoid surgery to treat your current conditions.

When Should You Consider Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a vital part of treatment for various health conditions and injuries that affect your ability to function physically. There are several situations where you should consider physical therapy as part of your treatment. These include; dislocations, bone fractures, tendinitis, muscle tears and strains, amputations, stroke, arthritis, spinal cord injuries, and pelvic floor dysfunction. If your condition or injury affects your mobility in any way, physical therapy can effectively help in improving your mobility and strength. It will also help reduce your chances of getting other injuries during recovery.

What Should You Expect During a Physical Therapy Appointment?

When you go for a physical therapy appointment at The Doctor’s House, the providers will start by performing a full evaluation, including simple physical tests, physical exams, and imaging tests to analyze the damage. All the visits are medically supervised and involve an individualized care plan. Your physical therapy involves more than one approach to enhance your healing and restore your function, depending on your evaluation results. Some of the treatment components involve;

· Controlled exercises

· Electrical stimulation

· Heat

· Ice

· Manual manipulation

· Ultrasound stimulation

At The Doctor’s House, the physicians educate you about the diagnosis, what you should expect through the treatment, and your prognosis. They might also prescribe medications to relieve your discomfort and provide you with exercises to practice at home between the appointments.

How Long Will You Need to Undertake Physical Therapy?

There is no specific amount of time that you should undertake physical therapy. The timeline you should spend in physical therapy is based on the type of injury or condition you are recovering from. After the assessment, your therapist will tell you the approximate weeks or months you will require physical therapy.

To sum up, if a health condition or injury is compromising your function or mobility, medically supervised physical therapy can help. To get started, call or schedule an appointment online at The Doctor’s House today!

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