All You Need to Know Before Starting Invisalign Treatments

Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that are used to straighten teeth. It’s not entirely clear if the name ‘Invisalign’ is meant to indicate that you cannot see the device or that it will make your teeth invisible. Either way, this new system seems to be taking off in popularity amongst dentists and patients alike. A study published in the journal of the American Dental Association indicated that Invisalign was more effective than traditional braces.

With so many patients leaning towards this option, you may also want to try it out to correct various dental problems. While it comes with different benefits, there are a few things you need to know before you can visit a dentist specializing in Invisalign in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, for treatment. Read below for more information.

Your Speech Will Change Temporarily

Since one of the main problems with crooked teeth is that it can affect your pronunciation, you may wonder how Invisalign works. You may experience some difficulty speaking correctly during the first few weeks of treatment. However, this problem will disappear as you become more familiar with the device’s presence in your mouth. If you had speech problems even before beginning treatment, it would get better as your teeth realign to their original positions.

Treatment Period Varies From Patient to Patient

Every patient is different, and thus the treatment period also varies from one individual to another. While some may need as little as a few months, others may require more extended periods. The speed of your teeth realignment depends on the severity of your dental issues and how consistently you wear your aligners. Therefore, we recommend that you follow all steps carefully and don’t forget to wear your Invisalign as often as you need.

You Need More Time for Daily Dental Care

Since the aligners are made out of clear plastic, it can be challenging to keep them clean. You will need to brush and floss your teeth as usual since you will find food stuck between the appliances. However, it would help if you also used a special toothpaste designed for Invisalign users to avoid any possible stains on your devices. The good news is that many cases of tooth decay and gum diseases develop slowly, so it will be easy for you to detect any problems early on.

You Need a Retainer After Completing Treatment

After your teeth have reverted to the correct position, you will need to wear a retainer for some time. This appliance is meant to keep your teeth in place while the surrounding tissues support the newly formed bones and gums. If you stop wearing it, you may experience problems with your bite, or your teeth may shift again after some time. The good idea is to have a set of retainers that you can wear every night.

To summarize, Invisalign is one of the most effective treatments and has replaced metal braces. However, you need to know several things before subscribing to the treatment. First, Invisalign affects your speech temporarily. It also increases the time spent on daily dental care. Additionally, the treatment period varies from patient to patient. You may also have to wear a retainer after treatment.

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