Cosmetic Procedures With Minimal Downtime to Help Alleviate Aesthetic Flaws for a Youthful Glow

Improving looks is no longer only for women. At Aesthetic Surgery Center, Dr. Michael R. Macdonald and his team of plastic surgeons address cosmetic issues affecting both men and women. Emphasizing a customized approach, the professionals make sure to satisfy every patient’s unique needs. Whether your aesthetic problem is genetic or age-related, these plastic surgeons will alleviate your flaws and give you a youthful, natural look with minimal downtime.

The various services Dr. Macdonald and his team offer include:


As you age, you are likely to start noticing your eyelids getting droopy. This is because eyelids tend to stretch with age, but later the supporting muscles weaken, making your eyelids fall. Apart from age, fat deposits around your eyelids and lid abnormalities can also make your eyelids turn inwards or outwards.

Before the reconstructive procedure, your doctor will decide whether to rectify the upper or lower lid or both. The surgeon will start by making incisions on your eyelids’ creases. He will then trim the saggy skin and muscles before removing excess fat. After removing the excess tissues, your doctor will suture your lids with tiny dissolvable stitches for your lower lids and removable stitches for your upper lids.

After the surgery, the surgeon will prescribe ointments to help you with dryness that you will likely feel after the procedure. The surgeon will also expect you to visit the facility when the minor swelling and bruising subside for him to remove your upper lid stitches.

Brow lift

Are you worried about your notably forehead wrinkles, saggy brows, droopy eyelids or the bulge around your eyes? If so, then a brow lift surgery is the procedure you should discuss with your plastic surgeon. The surgery will lift and reposition your forehead’s downward-drifting tissues and give your upper face a rejuvenated, youthful look. Since a brow lift only addresses specific parts of your face, your doctor may advise you to combine the procedure with a face or neck lift to achieve full facial rejuvenation.

During the procedure, your doctor will make 2-4 tiny incisions behind your hairline. He will then use an endoscope to locate the brow muscles using a camera attached to the scope’s end. The procedure that takes approximately two hours will require you to keep your head elevated after the procedure to ease any mild discomfort.

Your doctor will remove the sutures and bandages after a few days and guide you on what to do during the healing phase.


This cosmetic surgery is ideal if you are battling stubborn belly fat resistant to exercise and diet. Before commencing the procedure, your doctor will perform a thorough exam in order to recommend the best approach to suit your aesthetic goals. After assessing your needs, your doctor will make a small incision near the treatment area. He then inserts a cannula through your incisions and directs it to your fatty areas.

The surgeon then loosens the excess fat by controlling the cannula in a back and forth motion before he suctions it out of your body with a syringe or surgical vacuum attached to the small tube.

Cosmetic worries should no longer cause you stress when you can rejuvenate your skin and show off a youthful glow. For more inquiries on your skin pigmentation, fine wrinkles, and droopy eyelids, book an appointment with the professionals at Aesthetic Surgery Center online.

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