Commonly Asked Questions About Workplace Trophies

If you are a leader at a company, you want to recognize your employees when they have done a good job. You can use workplace trophies and special plaques to help you do that. Learn about such items so that you know how and when you should order them and who in your company deserves to receive one.

Can You Give Trophies Without Any Other Reward Attached to Them?

You might not have a lot of money in your company’s budget, and you might be worried that spending money on a trophy and another type of reward might be too much for you. Most employees simply want to be recognized for their hard work, and they do not need to receive a large gift of any kind from their employer. You can order a custom trophy and give that to an employee who has done something extraordinary without spending money on any other kind of reward.

Your employee will feel valued just by receiving the trophy, and they will be able to show that trophy to others and let them know that they did a good job and were recognized for that. If you feel that you must give something beyond the trophy, you can always find something free to give to the employee, such as a reserved parking space or a move to a new office.

How Long Does It Take for Trophies to Arrive?

When you have settled on a person to who you would like to give a trophy, you want to have that trophy ready to go right away. If someone has done something worth recognizing, it is best to recognize them for that as soon as possible. You can get some custom plaques made in just a matter of days.

While the timeline will depend on the design you are going with and the company you are ordering your plaque through, options are available that will get you an award in your hands in less than a week. You need to know how soon you want the trophy so that you can figure out which company will for sure get you one in timing that works for you, and you need to recognize that delays might happen, and you might have to wait a little longer than expected.

Are All Customized Trophies and Plaques Expensive?

If your business is careful with how it spends its money, purchasing a crystal plaque or metal trophy might make you nervous. You do not have to spend a ton of money in order to purchase a custom trophy, though. Some trophies might cost hundreds of dollars, but there are also options available to you that cost less than fifty dollars, and that still look nice. You can find a quality trophy that will make the day of one of your employees for a low price, and you can customize that and give that to the employee without overspending.

Do You Need to Have a Ceremony in Order to Give Out a Trophy?

If you have decided to honor an employee with a workplace trophy, you might be wondering if you will have to put on some kind of an event to get the trophy to the employee. While doing that can help bring extra attention to the employee and make them feel extra special, it is not necessary. You can simply make an announcement about the award over the speakers at your business or include one in a company email or newsletter. You do not have to put on a full event to hand out a trophy, and some employees will prefer to receive their trophy without much attention being focused on them, anyway.

You can use a workplace trophy to let someone know that their work is important to your company and noticed by you. When you invest in a trophy, ensure that the information on it is correct and that it will go to someone who truly deserves to receive it. Learn about trophies and plaques, then think about those people working for your company who deserve to receive one.

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