Autoportal brings you the 2016 BMW X5 Review, Images and Price

Any BMW car that is conventionally pegged has done extremely well in India. Use of the word conventional here is to keep the likes of GTs out of consideration, because, as such, these hardly fit into any category. So, a look at other BMWs and you will notice that all of these models have done well, all, but the X5. Also check Ford cars Price List in India, Reviews, Model, Images

Despite early launch of first-generation X5 when the luxury SUVs started to build up, it didn’t manage to sell well in numbers. Blame this to either its capacity to seat only five or compact a bit compact dimensions, old X5 didn’t cut ice with the customers.

But now, you may not be able to digest but the fact is that new 2016 BMW X5 is a very good car. Not only it is big, bold and bash than before but it’s also distinctively superior. Leaving behind the past issues of image, this next-gen X5 has raised the bar by couple of notches. Power from under the hood is sourced from massive M50d tri-turbo engine though in India company has made sure that its best-selling, 3.0-litre diesel remain the preferred option. Globally the new X5 is configured either rear wheel drive powered by 25d oil burner or 4-WD drive model drawing upon 30d version.

What is the drive like?

Driving X5 is like a wafting in over the breeze. Agreed, it’s not as sporty as its previous generation might be but then crisp handling, pliant ride and total confidence it inspires, is simply unbeatable. Surely, Range Rover is still more capable off-roader, but for most of the folks, BMW X5 will prove sufficient to satiate their adventure spirit. The very capable 3.0-litre 6-cylinder diesel engine puts out 258 hp along with massive 560 Nm of rotating force. This grunt is good enough to propel this 2.3-ton workhorse from 0-100 in 6.9 seconds. Riding on 18 inch, 255 mm wide rubber, X5 requires just over 6 liters to measure 100 km stretch.

How does it feel inside?

BMW has left no stone unturned to make cabin of new X5 better than what it used to be before. Each and every aspect, be it quality, fit and finish, precision, stitching etc., have been revised thoroughly for the overall betterment. Better packaging has now liberated more space for occupants while additional sound deadening material has made sure that the occupants feel more hush and calm inside.

How much does it cost?

Priced between Rs 65.90 lakh and Rs 72.90 lakh BMW X5 is not a cheap preposition. But then for a few blessed ones, more important consideration is that new avatar of this mighty people mover is significantly improved and up for grab now.

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