A guide to styling leather bags

Italian cuisine, Italian people and, Italian fashion, we love everything about Italy. Known for a plethora of leather products, one can easily trace how the art of leather-making is deeply rooted in the Italian tradition.

While they do it best, don’t we all love what they do?

“Breathing may be overrated; however, leather bags are not.” – Anonymous

Of all things leather, Leather bags are known for their elegance and sophistication. Made from the king of all things fine, leather bags have an important place in your wardrobe. While one can own many leather bags (obviously if their budget allows), we know that they are concerned most about how to style and carry leather bags.

Well, worry no more. You must be in a quick fashion fix, and we are here to help.

Let’s first tell you about our fashion assumptions. Unless stated otherwise, we are expecting you to choose olive, browns or black leather bags, which go well with most outfits.

Be thrifty and fashionable at the same time.

Pair it with its kind

A leather bag, regardless of its size, looks magnificent with a leather jacket. The catch here is, invest in one on the same color and preferably the exact same tone. Invest in an oversized leather bag if you want to put a lot of things, or even in one with a modest size; the combination is bound to give you a chic look that none can ignore.

While you think that not everything goes well with leather, you should know that leather has its own identity, but it can be adjusted with most kind of looks. It retains its properties, stands out and is yet fit for a lot of different themes.

Those pants are not too wide

Do you own a circular cross-body bag and thinking if it would go well with your outfits or not? Pair those with wide-leg pants. Be wary of the tones. Specifically, in the summers, choose solid colored wide-leg pants to pair your cross-body leather bag with. Easy to carry, easy to wear and still retaining the minimalistic yet professional look, if you have more than two meetings to attend, these should be your go-to accessory.

Also, get a pastel colored tuck-in shirt for a complete look. Don’t have a cross-body leather bag? Invest in leather bags for women now and add elegance and luxury to your looks.

The feet at the beat

Yes, it is about something “shoes.” But not exactly shoes.

An oversized leather bag would look extremely glamorous with knee-high boots. This time, you need not be too cautious about getting ones with the same color or tones. Olive green bags with brown boots or brown bags with fawn boots can do just well.

On the other hand, if you own a cross-body bag or even a sling bag, know that they look perfect together. Not sure about knee-high boots? See how perfectly splendid they look.

Shirts n skirts

Get a loose sweater or a tee, depending on the weather and pair it with a basic skirt. What’s left? Yes, the leather bag. Get a tote leather bag or a sling bag, or even a cross-body leather bag. This duo is so versatile that one can literally be free in styling themselves however they like. With such a style, you will be free to choose patterns, colors, and even lengths.

For the footwear, shoes, boots, pumps, sandals, choose any, based on where you are heading to. Just so simple.

Embellished Dress

Off to a date night with that special someone? Don’t be anything less than sexy yet classy and seductive yet elegant. Pair your embellished dress with a beautiful leather bowling bag. Get something preferably in the same color, but if you are wearing a sexy red dress, even the outstanding black leather bag can make your look just complete.

A floral jumpsuit

Thinking to wear a jumpsuit? Well, who is stopping you? In fact, the leather bag sitting in your wardrobe wants you to do exactly that on a bright sunny day with a hat of your choice and beautiful sandals. A brown tote leather bag with a hint of gold in your jewelry will give you a classy yet comfy look.

Wear em whenever and with whatever

You own a black leather bag? Well, the good news is, it goes well with most outfits and on most occasions. So that’s sorted. However, you would need to give a bit of thought when choosing the accessories that go best. A classic wristwatch would bring life to your entire look. With the poise you have and a beautiful black leather bag, we are sure that you would be the center of attention wherever you go.

Black leather bags give you room for experiments. Wear them with coats, short dresses or even on a random stroll to the mall wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Tip: One just needs to ensure that they are not wearing blacks, whites and browns all at once. It did give you cringe, right?

Aren’t you overwhelmed by the wide range of leather bags for women? Don’t you want to collect them all? I hope that we all do. We know that leather bags come with a hefty price tag, but that translates into their added durability, provided that you take due care of them.

Bottom line

Yes, leather has that irresistible look, but what makes it literally the best is the way it is carried. One can only do justice to the elegance it exudes is by styling it right with the correct tones, material, colors and dresses. Having read until here, you must now know that there is literally nothing that leather bags cannot be paired with. You just need to choose wisely.

Note: if you want your leather bags to last long, make sure that it receives its day-to-day care as soon is it lands itself a place in your wardrobe. Never over-fill the bag, remove any excess dust with a soft cloth, preferably weekly, and if it’s raining, you can also pair it with a cute umbrella.

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