8 Tips to Get Your Asking Price When Selling Your Home

Do you know the right price for your home? Would potential buyers be willing to pay your asking price? These are recurring questions when deciding to sell your house.

There are a variety of ways for increasing the value of your home (some more expensive than others) or to prevent it from depreciating.

If you keep your home in good condition and with a contemporary image, you can maintain its value without having to make a substantial investment before selling.

However, if you want to increase the value of your home, it is necessary to identify if there are areas that you would like to remodel or restore.

There are several ways in which you can add value to your property. In this article, you will find eight things you should do to prepare your home for sale and get the best price.

Improve the lighting inside your home

The better the lighting of a home, the better it will look to potential buyers. Changing the lightbulbs for others that give more light or provide a brighter hue are some tricks that do not require substantial investment.

Other small tweaks when receiving visitors are to open the curtains and blinds so that natural light illuminates and enhances the interior of your house.

Installing motion sensors so that the lights go on automatically is something that buyers value very much for the long-term energy savings.

Focus on the kitchen

The finish of a kitchen makes the sale price of any home higher. If you only have the budget to invest in one room, focus on this area.

Remember that an ample, ventilated space with sufficient storage areas strikes people as inviting and homely. Similarly, ensure that the kitchen is as clean and tidy as possible when someone goes to see it.

For example, wood is a material that gives an elegant finish and is accessible compared to marble or granite.

However, do not discard these last two, since marble and granite are ideal for bars and kitchen decks and are very much in demand by buyers.

Choose neutral colours both in walls and furniture as this will generate an impression of cleanliness and order.

Pay attention to the ground.

Do not forget that all aspects either add or take away from your home’s value, and the floor is one that can have a very significant impact.

Do not be scared if you think that changing or improving the floor of your house represents a high cost; In most cases, this investment can double its value when you sell your home.

Do not forget that the floor also involves the carpets and rugs. A dirty or carpet does not give a good impression.

Consider hiring a professional carpet dry cleaning service to refreshen your carpet and give it that spring clean feel.

Focus on maintenance

Repairing a leak, removing a scratched piece of furniture or repairing a broken table are some of the small details that can much improve the impression of a visitor.

Any small scratch can draw the attention of an interested party and become what he or she remembers most about the visit. Small investments in this type of repairs will often have a very beneficial effect.

Expand your spaces

Remove that unnecessary wall or rearrange the furniture; any idea is good to try to give amplitude to the different rooms of your home and create the feeling of a more comfortable environment.

This way, your house will look more spacious, clean and tidy, and best of all, it will not require a significant investment.

Renew the bathrooms

Even if the house has a neutral appearance, bathrooms can give away the age of the property. Giving your bathrooms a more modern touch is a fundamental aspect when selling your house.

Consider that the bathroom is one of the rooms that is given more use, that is why its wear is more significant.

In order not to invest too much, focus on changing the bathroom furniture, enlarging the mirror and adding a cabinet where hygiene items can be stored.

Do not forget the walls

Painting the walls with bright colours may be a good idea for you. Still, not everyone has the same tastes and, therefore, the best thing you can do when you want to sell your house is to choose neutral tones for the walls.

If you would like to give them a different touch, you can choose to place pictures on them.

Give your home a natural touch.

Decorate an area of your home with plants. Having a bit of green adds to the comfort of your home.

By applying these tips, you will be closer to getting the price you want for your home. Best of all, you will not have to make any significant changes to your house to make it look inviting. Remember, first impressions count.

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