5 Tips for Buying Quality Basketball Uniforms

Whenever a uniform is concerned, compromising on the quality can cost you well in the future. There are certain aspects related to uniforms, especially sports uniforms, which must be considered to avoid any on-court accidents and more.

Since your team’s basketball uniforms will be representing your name in the field, they must be designed with excellence. Now, if you are headed out to purchase such jerseys for your basketball team, here’s what you must consider.

1. Quality and type of fabric

From cotton to pro-mesh, there are several options to take your pick. Based on your team’s allergy history, choose a material which looks great on the field and doesn’t leave a rash as well. It’s always better to select a material which quickly absorbs moisture, leaving the player cool and dry. DO NOT COMPROMISE on the quality of the material! However, do consider the age of the players as investing in any expensive material is viable if they are teenagers or above. Kids won’t be able to maintain and handle costly varieties.

2. Sizing issues

The deal with basketball uniforms is that it should never be too-fitted too loose. Striking the right balance can help your players give their best in the game. Such pieces of clothing should be left a little free to ensure mobility and better play in the field. Every player’s measurements need to be taken and sent over for accurate fittings. An ill-fitted uniform can cost you the game!

3. Personalisation is key

While customising the uniform, pay special attention to colour, design, logo, embroidery and size. The perks of customisation are that you control every little thing, thus ensuring complete satisfaction. Go for subtle embroidery and add the name and number of each player at the back of the jerseys. Choose the colour wisely as it’s going to stick with your team for long.

4. Logo placement

Where should the logo be placed is another concerning matter that needs your attention. The logo of your team is a crucial part of the basketball uniform, which looks immensely appealing when placed at the back of it. Consult a customising expert to help you with efficient logo placement. If the printed logo doesn’t seem to catch your attention as you expected, switch to the embroidered logo for solving your purpose.

5. Stick to your budget

Going overboard with your budget won’t give you the satisfaction that you might expect from it. Setting a budget is a crucial part of any project, including this one. Consider all your necessities to make an ideal budget and work your best to stick to it.

If you think purchasing and customizing a uniform is an easy task, then you might want to reconsider. However, if you are enthusiastic about it and need a little push, then think of this post as your guiding light. Save it for future reference to take the stress out of the process.

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