Why Should You Open A Savings Account Online?

One of the most common bank accounts that one might open is a savings account. You can Invest money in savings accounts to keep it safe and get interest on it deposited amount. Now, opening a savings account is really simple. You can do so from the convenience of your home or office without having to go to a bank. Here are 5 reasons you should open an account online:


The security of your money is naturally any individual’s topmost priority when selecting a savings account. You will receive a fixed interest rate on your balance while keeping your hard-earned money protected from market swings. The funds that you store in a savings account are all in one place. This helps bring peace of mind to the individual who does not have to worry about keeping physical cash in a safe space. You can transfer funds to and from a savings account any time you want!


Thanks to internet banking, the need to visit a bank and wait in line is a thing of the past. You may easily access all the necessary information with an online savings account. Simply enable internet banking or open the bank’s mobile app. You may examine your bank statements, transaction history, balance, as well as other information, with only a few clicks. You can also get a debit card to use at ATMs to withdraw cash.

Effortless bank transfers

You can use digital banking services like internet banking, NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, and UPI with a savings account. You can manage your account this way without going to the bank branch. Additionally, you can facilitate seamless money transfers by connecting third-party payment applications to your account. You can also enable fingerprint banking because most smartphones have fingerprint sensors, which will increase the security of your transactions.

Good banking features

Many banks provide a variety of extra advantages and value-added services together with an online savings account. You may be eligible for enticing discounts, cashback, or reward points on your purchases. With banks like IDFC FIRST Bank, you can benefit from more than 150 complementary banking services and advantages. These include lifetime free credit card services, pre-approved loan offers, no-cost personal accident and air insurance coverage, lost card liability coverage, and more.

Suitable for emergencies

A savings account can help with sound financial planning. A digital bank account can help you comprehend your financial situation by giving you a clear image of your savings, which enables you to plan your investments.

Anytime you choose, you can take money out of a bank account. The turnaround period is short, and you might receive your money immediately. You can access your money whenever needed by using free, limitless ATM transactions offered by banks like IDFC FIRST Bank with their savings accounts.

The benefits of online savings accounts are plenty and can be useful to the account holder. It is obvious that having a bank account in your name gives you more independence and makes it easier for you to manage and access your money.

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