What You Need to Know About Sphenocath® in the Treatment of Migraines

How do you know that you need a migraine expert? The answer is simple; when you have recurring headaches that seem to disturb your days and nights, then you need someone to check on them. Dr. Andrew Doe, at Alate Health, has the requisite skills and experience to help you avoid having a gloomy day due to headaches. Alate Health offers the most modern proven solution to deal with the issue so that you can have your good days back.

What causes migraines?

Migraines are unique, as they affect one part of your head, unlike other headaches. Typically, they last for up to 72 hours and can cause you a lot of distress alongside their disruptive nature to your daily activities. Consequently, migraines are not a one-time thing, as they appear several times within a month to cause you further distress.

Apart from their disruptive nature to your health, migraines can also affect how you interact with people. Up to 90% of people with migraines cannot work or socialize properly.

What are the signs of migraines?

The most common signifiers that you have migraines include:

  • Touch sensitivity
  • Light sensitivity
  • Smell sensitivity
  • Throbbing pain
  • Pulsing sensations
  • Sound sensitivities

Migraines can also trigger auras and other issues such as nervous system symptoms. All these issues mostly appear before or after a migraine episode. Auras are just as disruptive as the migraines themselves, as they make you hear some voices or make some of your body parts tingle.

How are migraines treated?

Alate Health has many techniques for dealing with cases of migraines. You can benefit from daily prescriptions or have some medications which you take when needed. In addition to these, you can choose medications that help you forget about migraines for a long time. Alate Health has a technology that helps block some processes responsible for the pain in your head. The medicine, called SphenoCath® SPG, targets the nerves passing outside the nose, which reach your brain. Consequently, all pain in the body is a nervous stimulation, which can prevent migraines from causing you much distress when targeted at the right points. SphenoCath treatment is a blocker, which provides a path for a medication that limits the nerve signals reaching the brain, making you feel normal again.

What is the procedure for SphenoCath?

Alate Health offers the procedure as an in-office procedure, meaning you will have to be physically present at the center. The procedure itself is a short one saving you time for other things you have scheduled. The procedure begins with a gentle insertion of the SphenoCath, which goes onto the areas close to the nose—the nasal cavity. The SphenoCath has an extension, which your doctor can draw whenever you need medications to prevent headaches. The medicine travels from the point of the catheter to the sphenopalatine ganglion to obstruct the destructive signals that cause pain.

Migraines can cause you a lot of destruction in terms of quality of life. However, with the state-of-the-art medications offered at Alate Health, you can have a second chance. Call the center or book your spot online to begin treatment.

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