What to Experience during a Shoulder Injury

Every person can incur a shoulder injury, whether an adult or a young teenager. However, shoulder injuries are much prevalent to those people who engage in sports such as football, volleyball, skating, and people working in industries. Shoulder injuries can also occur after an accident, falling, or a fight. After a shoulder injury, joint bones, ligaments, tendons, and nerves become damaged, causing pain and discomforts. Defects in your shoulder can limit you from doing your daily work, thus it is vital to get medical treatment. La Jolla, CA orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon is a medical institution with the best doctors who can take care of your shoulder injury. Below are the causes of shoulder pain after an injury.

The primary cause of shoulder pain

There are several causes of shoulder pain. The common shoulder injuries that result to shoulder pain include:

  • Fractures. When you are involved in an accident or a hard hit, shoulder bones get fractures. Bones that may get fractures are the humerus or clavicle bones. Due to these bones getting fractures, you can experience pain when you move your hand. However, when the collarbone is broken, you are not capable of lifting your arm.
  • Dislocations. Dislocation is the shifting of joint bones from their respective position. When joint bones pop out from their socket, it becomes difficult to rotate your entire arm. You may feel pain, numbness, and swelling around the shoulder.
  • Wear and tear. Your shoulder consists of soft tissues, tendons, and nerves. When you move your shoulder joint more frequently, due to friction, tissues and tendons may burn up, causing pain. Friction in the shoulder occurs after a dislocation. Nerves are part of sensory organs, which, when stressed or compressed, results in sharp pain. However, apart from injuries, age and diseases can also cause shoulder pain.

Below are ways shoulder complications are diagnosed.

Diagnosis of shoulder injuries

There are several ways your doctor can diagnose the causes of your shoulder pain. Some of the methods include:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging. Magnetic resonance imaging is a technique that is much more improved than an x-ray. This technique uses magnetic fields and computer technology to generate a picture of the affected area. The image produced shows every part of your shoulder that is affected. It can show fractured bones, dislocated joints, worn-out tissues, and infected nerves. Through the image, your doctor can perform treatment very smoothly.
  • X-ray. An x-ray uses a high-intensity light wave to penetrate your shoulder and capture the affected bones. The image generated only shows dislocated or fractured bones. If your shoulder pain is caused by diseases, tendons, worn-out tissues, or compressed nerves, an x-ray cannot show. Moreover, if you have undergone an x-ray during other treatments, your doctor can recommend another method of diagnosis.

Shoulder injuries result in conditions that can be treated and managed. What you need to do is to find a specialized doctor for treatment before they persist. Upper Extremity Specialists are the best for your shoulder injury treatments.

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