Web.com Reviews Examines Healthy Juices That Can Help You Lose Weight

Juicing to avoid the calories isn’t anything new. However, you shouldn’t opt for a complete liquid-based diet. According to Web.com Reviews, you should incorporate fresh and healthy juices in your diet to accelerate the weight loss. Apart from aiding you in burning calories, these healthy juices also contain antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals that work towards a more healthy you and enhances your metabolism to rev up your natural calorie-burning capabilities.

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The Juices

Given below are some juices that can help you to lose weight:

  1. Cucumber Juice – A basic principle of weight loss is that you either burn more calories or reduce your calorie intake. Foods that have low calories and high water content fit the latter condition perfectly. Cucumbers have high fiber content and water that helps you keep full and can also act as a filler for your meals. To add a bit of tang you can also add lime juice with rock salt or a summer drink that beats the heat.
  2. Pineapple Juice – Pineapple is believed to be the nemesis of belly fat. It is rich in bromelain, an enzyme that increases protein metabolization and helps to burn off excess fat sitting on your tummy. Apart from that, bromelain in pineapple juice also works in tandem with lipase to help in the digestion of fats and keeps your appetite under control. If that wasn’t enough, pineapple juice is also a carbolic food. It means your body has to spend more calories compared to the calorie count of pineapple juice to burn it.
  3. Watermelon Juice – Watermelons aren’t just fruits that belong in every summer ritual. You can make refreshing sweet juice out of it that is packed with riboflavin, thiamin, pyridoxine, and vitamins that make it highly nutritious. 100 grams of the food contains just around 30 calories and has enough amino acid arginine that boosts fat burning.
  4. Pomegranate Juice – You may be aware of the skin benefits offered by pomegranate juice. However, apart from natural and healthy glowing skin, pomegranates also provide fat burning and metabolism boosting polyphenols, antioxidants, and conjugated linolenic acid. It also helps to suppress your appetite so that you don’t crave snacks in between meals.
  5. Cabbage Juice – Cabbage juice is one of the best ingredients for your digestive system. It helps to tackle problems like indigestion, bloating, and helps you to eliminate waste by clearing your digestive tracts. Since it is high in fiber, it also helps you to feel full and resist the urge to binge on snacks.
  6. Orange Juice – The world might become a bit less obese if people opted for orange juice instead of fizzy sugary dark sodas. Apart from its nutritional benefits, orange is a carbolic food like pineapple which means you burn more calories than you consume.


Web.com Reviews suggests that you opt for these healthy juices instead of sodas and make them an active part of your diet. You can balance your calorie consumption and suppress your appetite if you consume these healthy juices with each meal.

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