Vertiflex superion for lumbar spinal stenosis

You could suffer from back pain at an old age that results from spinal stenosis and does not respond to medications. Vertiflex superion, which is one of the new procedures to deal with this constant pain, could effectively help you deal with the back pain. The procedure is safe and could give you lasting pain relief without the risk of prolonged recovery associated with major surgeries. You could ask for a recommendation for vertiflex superion in Austin near you for expert treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis and advice on dealing with back pain at your age.

How to Know If You Have Lumbar Stenosis

Lumbar stenosis could cause constant backaches, and if you are an older adult, you are likely to develop the condition as it is associated with old age. The pain associated with lumbar spinal stenosis could worsen when you are standing and improve when you sit or bend. Lumbar stenosis would not improve due to the physical spinal changes that occur as one ages, and it could get worst with time. The pain could limit your daily activities, and you could only know if you have stenosis after you check with your doctor.

What Is Vertiflex Superion?

The procedure treats back pain that results from lumbar spinal stenosis using a small implant device on the spinal cord. The device creates space for the nerves on the back that had been compressed due to the condition. The nerves’ decompression on the back could give patients instant pain relief on the back and lower legs. The procedure is an excellent alternative to lumbar spinal stenosis surgery that could result in post-surgery complications, especially for older patients.

How It Works

The treatment supports the spinal cord’s anatomy using a small flexible device inserted between the vertebrae via small incisions on the spinal cord. The device then is opened, creating space in the spinal cord that decompresses the nerves leading to pain relief. Vertiflex superion is a micro-surgery that could be performed on an out-patient basis, and it could take less than an hour, and one could return to their routine after a day. One might not need to get rehabilitation and other physical therapies after getting vertiflex superion as the recovery period is concise, and one gets immediate pain relief.

Are you A Candidate for Vertiflex Superion Treatment?

If you have lumbar stenosis, you could get vertiflex superion treatment to decompress the nerves and give instant pain relief. If you need major back surgery, you could try the treatment to relieve pain before undergoing the knife. It could be suitable for people who might not be well enough for surgery and those who want to get pain relief without a long recovery time. It could be better for people who want to conserve mobility as it does not impair motion like spinal fusion surgery that reduces the movement on the back. The procedure could be best for people who could love to have a reversal once their condition improves and those who have developed resistance to the over-the-counter medications.


Vertiflex could provide instant pain relief to lumbar stenosis, leading to the decompression of the nerve endings on the spinal cord. It is appropriate as it requires minimum non-invasive procedures that do not cause harm to the spinal cord and is reversible once the condition improves. It could be best to get the procedure to avoid the complications that arise from significant surgeries at old age.

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