Top Employee Conflict Resolution Tips

Around 60-80% of problems in organizations are due to conflicts between employees. Individual workers and their skill level or drive are far less likely to be the cause of workplace issues.

That’s why, as a manager or owner, employee conflict resolution should be one of your main focuses. Conflicts can be tricky and nuanced and they are never the most fun part of anyone’s role.

But if you can learn to resolve employee conflicts, your business is far more likely to thrive. And you will have a far more enjoyable working environment too.

Follow this employee conflict resolution guide to achieve a harmonious workforce!

Take Steps to Make All Employees Welcome

Many employee conflicts stem from a lack of understanding of your company’s values and workplace culture. Lack of knowledge about who everyone on your staff is and what they do also won’t help. This leads to a failure to communicate well.

You can avoid these instances with proper new employee welcome kits. These could contain swag to help them feel at home at your organization.

They should also contain a company handbook so new employees know exactly what is and isn’t acceptable in your business. And new employees should also have introductions to every team member.

Talk With Each Employee in Private

Deal with an employee conflict as soon as it arises. Talk with each of the concerned employees in private with a neutral third party as an observer. A member of Human Resources would be ideal.

Stick to the facts and try to put yourself in their shoes. Resolving employee conflicts demands empathy and no judgment.

Find a Common Ground or Solution

In serious cases of employee conflicts, there should be a full external investigation. These are instances of discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

But in less serious cases, like personality clashes, you can find an employee conflict resolution in-house. Ask each party for their ideal outcome to the conflict and come to a compromise. Find a way to move on so there is no animosity or hangover from the conflict.

Always Lead by Example

It’s more difficult to ask employees not to talk over others in meetings if you talk over people yourself. It’s difficult to ask others to meet deadlines, talk to another colleague’s contact, or take supplies without asking if you do it.

As a business owner or manager, you need to lead by example. Own up to your mistakes and treat every single employee with respect both in private and in group settings.

Deal With Employee Conflict Resolution Sooner Rather Than Later

If you’ve learned anything from these employee conflict resolution tips, it’s that it won’t go away by itself. Conflicts will continue to bubble under the surface until they are irreparable.

But now you know how to deal with employee conflict resolution, you’re far more likely to have a satisfied and contented team.

When you run a business, there will always be challenges and you need to learn how to deal with them as best you can. Browse our business articles for more top tips to help you problem-solve and continue to grow. Learn more about employee conflict resolution and solving other minor and major problems, on this website:

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