Top 5 Healthiest Ways to Smoke Marijuana

With marijuana now legal in 33 states—11 of which allow it recreationally—the use of this once forbidden substance is more popular than ever.

More people are now admitting to trying it for the first time.

Yet some don’t like the idea of inhaling smoke because it can cause lung damage or even cancer.

Are you interested in learning the healthiest ways to smoke weed? There are so many ways to smoke marijuana, but we’ve compiled the best below.

We’ll show you cleaner ways to inhale it as well as suggest a few alternatives to the traditional joint, blunt, or bong.

Best Ways to Smoke Marijuana? Dab Rigs

If you are determined to inhale marijuana the old-fashioned way, pick yourself up a dab rig. The benefits of dabbing are cleaner inhaling and a more concentrated dose.

Dab rigs are similar to bongs but they are specially-designed for concentrated doses. Rather than a marijuana flower being burned and smoke, a person using a dab rig is vaporizing extract.

When selecting a dab rig, you want to take into account design, size, and the total amount of diffusion. The less diffusion, the more potent the hit.

They are available in multiple shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny travel-sized rigs to full-sized recyclers.

If you’re new to this technique, it’s recommended you buy a dab rig that is simple to use and easy to clean. As you master the nuances you can pick up one that is more advanced.

Dispensary staff members can easily demonstrate how to smoke dabs for you.

Consume Marijuana as Edibles

Taking edibles is a great way to consume marijuana without breathing in potentially harmful smoke.

Marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is actually baked in a delicious snack like a cookie or brownie. A specific amount is added to each item so it’s easy to track how much you take.

One big difference with edibles is that it takes longer for the body to break down the THC. On average, it could take 30 to 60 minutes to start feeling the effects.

It all depends on the individual’s age, sex, weight, metabolism, and tolerance.

Candy edibles like lozenges, gum, or lollipops are absorbed faster through the lining of the mouth. Anything you swallow has to go through the digestive system.

While many cannabis products wear off in a few hours, edibles can stay in your system for up to eight hours. Therefore, users should be cautious about taking more until they know it’s been processed.

The market for edibles is growing. Besides baked goods, you can also get tea, soft drinks, butter, syrups, and more all infused with marijuana.

Options will likely expand further as more states legalize marijuana and more manufacturers get involved.

Trade Smoking for Oil When Taking Marijuana

Taking a substance via oil under the tongue is known as the sublingual method. It’s very popular among users who take cannabidiol or CBD to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia, and even seizures.

CBD isn’t the same as marijuana. Both items are derived from the cannabis plant, but CBD doesn’t contain the psychoactive THC. Or the amount is so small the user isn’t affected.

By law, CBD may only contain less than 0.03% THC. Make sure to double-check the law where you live to know you are allowed to possess CBD or marijuana.

A simple oil tincture is made by taking extracts from cannabinoids and putting them into ethanol alcohol. Then it’s absorbed by placing under the tongue.

Oil can also be the basis for a spray product and some edibles. There are many different ways it can be prepared.

Hash oil, for example, is cannabis resins mixed with essential oils and its THC content can be anywhere from 30% to 90%.

Marijuana Suppositories Exist—Here’s All About Them

The idea of taking suppositories makes some people feel uncomfortable. The fact is marijuana suppositories are highly effective for people seeking medicinal benefits.

They’re being prescribed by doctors to treat serious conditions like chronic pain and some people are claiming suppositories can treat the symptom without feeling the psychoactive effects.

Much research still needs to be done on marijuana and CBD. But, physicians have been receiving positive anecdotal reports. Limited animal testing has also shown favorable results.

In terms of potency, experts claim that suppositories are somewhere between edibles and smoked cannabis. They also point out that more of the natural compounds are absorbed in this method.

What specific ailments can be treated with marijuana suppositories? Besides standard symptoms like anxiety or nausea, suppositories are especially helpful with menstrual cramps, hip pain, sexual dysfunctions, and more.

Using Marijuana for Pain Relief? Try Creams or Salves Instead

Cannabis products are really helpful in treating pain and inflammation. It’s because they are absorbed by brain receptors known for pain relief and immune responses

If you’re living in pain, smoking marijuana isn’t your only option. Cannabis is now being infused in topicals like lotions, lubricants, creams, or salves.

The benefit of using a topical is that it can be applied directly to the source of pain, rather than ingested and spread throughout the entire bloodstream. Therefore, they’re more fast-acting and precise.

Topicals are popular among people suffering from arthritis, lower back pain, muscular soreness, or rashes.

The market for these cannabis products is also new so more research and innovation are being done. Researchers will find ways to improve their efficacy.

Ready to Give Marijuana a Try?

There are so many ways to smoke marijuana. In some cases, you can experience the same effects without smoking at all.

Whether you are taking marijuana for recreational or to treat an illness, there are many options to choose from. Consumers should make sure they’re seeking the healthiest ways to smoke pot.

Above we discussed trying out dab rigs, but also edibles, oil, suppositories, or topicals. All of them are cannabis products and produce the same effects, the difference is in how they’re consumed.

Marijuana is both fun and beneficial.

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