The Difference Between SEO And PPC: A Comparative Guide

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between SEO and PPC, and what are the benefits of each?

Over half of all trackable website traffic comes from organic search. Companies in the US alone spent nearly $80 billion on SEO in 2020.

Yet, SEO takes time to produce results. That’s why many businesses use pay-per-click adverts to reach their customers in the short term.

Read on to learn about the benefits of SEO vs PPC. Discover why you require both methods in 2022, and find out which is more valuable in the long run.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of tuning your website to appeal to search engines, like Google.

Both SEO and PPC relate to the search queries or keywords that your customers use—for example, ‘Atlanta lawyer’ or ‘car hire in Atlanta’.

SEO techniques ensure that these keywords are included throughout the content of the site without acting as spam. Yet, that’s only the first step, as Google requires your site to work well on mobile devices, load quickly, etc.

Once ranked, Google will place your site on its organic listings or non-paid results. The page and position you appear on are solely determined by search engine optimization and quality content.

What Is PPC?

Pay per click adverts appear above organic search results but look similar to non-paid listings.

The name stems from how advertisers get charged by Google. Instead of paying to have your advert appear, you’re only charged when someone clicks on your listing.

Once approved, PPC ads can appear on Google within 24 hours. You can then track every interaction on the Google Ads dashboard.

Why use SEO if a PPC advert sits at the top of the page within a few days? Shouldn’t everyone pay for Google Ads instead of investing in search engine optimization?

The Difference Between SEO and PPC

PPC is a great online marketing strategy in the short term.

The average cost per click (CPC) depends on your industry type. Real estate companies can expect to pay up to $1.68 per click.

Those costs will skyrocket if everyone places a PPC ad, as pricing is based on supply and demand. PPC is also open to abuse with fraudulent clicks, although Google actively fights against that.

On the other hand, SEO is not hampered by abuse or unexpected expense.

Techniques focus on the core goal of search engines, which is to provide their users with high-quality content and a great experience.

For example, creating content that users will find valuable only increases return traffic, as will quick loading sites.

You can read more here on how SEO can benefit any type of business regardless of its size.

Importance of SEO and PPC Benefits

The most effective marketing strategies use both SEO and PPC campaigns.

Using PPC for initial promotion will start the ball rolling. Working on building quality content and backlinking strategies takes time. The fruits of your SEO labor will impact traffic as the PPC budget begins to lower.

The end result is higher visitor counts, satisfied customers, and a healthy bottom line.


The main difference between SEO and PPC is their effectiveness over time.

Combine both methods to produce the best results. Always keep your customer in mind and aim to give them the best user experience possible.

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