The Best Face Care Routine For Oily Skin

Ain’t you tired of oily skin and all that mess it brings along? We get it, having oily skin is a challenging task itself.

But do you know the cause of oily skin? Our body has different types of glands out of which- one is the sebaceous gland, which produces a substance called sebum, and overproduction of sebum causes oily skin. The cause of this can be genetic, hormonal, medication, or environmental changes. Thus when too much oil is secreted, pores get blocked because of the dead skin cells and that becomes the main cause for acne.

To keep in check the oil appearance, one should follow a face care routine religiously which will leave our skin looking beautiful, fresh, and nourished. You can get more information click the website for all skin and beauty to solve issues.

Don`t worry – we have got you covered by creating a perfect routine; with the perfect mix of ayurvedic recipes just for you!

Step 1: Wash your face twice a day.

Little things can bring a huge difference. Pandemic has taught us an extremely important lesson, i.e self-care. But it has also brought us down due to work from home which brings us stress, fatigue which results in sleeplessness. And in this world of fast routine, we tend to ignore the fact that the face wash which one is using is chemical loaded like sulfate, paraben, etc. But, Fret not! Coco Soul has come up with revitalizing face wash which is a mix of virgin king coconut oil, neem, and gotukola. All in one ayurvedic recipe- paraben-free face wash for your face care routine.

Wash your face gently with a mild face wash especially which involves Virgin Coconut Oil and ayurvedic herbs like Gotukola and Neem

Step 2: Scrub once a week.

Along with coconut, sandalwood is one of the most incredible ingredients used in Ayurveda and hence it becomes extremely important to have a good mix of both. It`s rare to find the mix of both in face scrubs but Coco Souls face scrub has it all.

Now, take a coin size face scrub in your palm and apply it to your skin. Massage your face in a circular motion for the next 1 minute and avoid the eye area. This will kick off the extra dirt and grime stuck in the layers of skin while doing a deeper and high impact.

Step 3: Wash and Moisturise

Now gently wash your face with lukewarm water and towel dry. Do not rub your face while towel drying as it might harm your skin. It’s time to moisturize!

Having a good moisturizer is a blessing, but having a moisturizer with shea butter in it is another level of happiness.

Shea butter cream helps to get deep inside layers of the skin and acts as a moisture booster by leaving a soothing effect. Apply a shea butter cream gently.

Repeat the process for remarkable results.

Wow! You have done a wonderful job!

Let’s know about your experience in the comments.

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