Telescopic Guides Or Slides, A Very Useful Solution

When it comes to moving drawers efficiently, quickly and easily, telescopic guides or slides are the best solution for companies, with many advantages that these guides can bring with their application, which are important to know in order to make the most of them.

A solution with many advantages

The telescopic guides allow the drawers to move forward and backward, thanks to the fact that their design includes different components that allow a simple and safe sliding, thus allowing access to the contents they may have, or to store items in these drawers.

This solution can offer many advantages, being quite important, those that we highlight below.

Great resistance

These guides have a great resistance, thanks to their manufacturing materials: as steel, used in most applications and sectors; those made of aluminum, which are a lighter but effective solution; and those made of stainless steel, perfect for corrosive environments and exposed to high levels of humidity.

In addition, the slides or telescopic slides are manufactured by extrusion, which gives them greater strength and reliability in their various applications. In this way, they can last longer in intense and prolonged work, for which they are needed.

Also, since they require little maintenance, since they have a grease coating on the high-pressure bearings, they can better withstand the different jobs they are subjected to, without reducing their life.

The guides can also be disassembled, which facilitates their maintenance, being very useful in abrasive environments or where they get dirty very often.

In any case, it is recommended to grease them twice a year, so that the guides work at their best, although if they get dirty easily and are exposed to abrasion, they should be greased more frequently, so that they do not present problems with their use.

Variety of options

There are several types of guides available on the market, each adapted to the needs of each customer.

There are those with two bodies or partial extraction, those with three bodies or total extraction, and those with four bodies or super extraction, each of which is useful for various applications and sectors.

You can find guides with different types of opening or closing locks, such as double handle systems with external block, bidirectional systems, systems for folding or removable drawers, the options are very varied.

It is even possible to obtain guides of different lengths, from 100 mm to 3 meters, thus allowing to have the useful path necessary for each application.

High load capacity

On many occasions, heavy objects need to be moved, however, with the high load capacity offered by these guides, it is possible to do so easily, objects weighing several kilos to a ton, for example.

Thanks to these advantages, the telescopic slides are one of the best solutions for opening and closing drawers, according to the needs of each industry in the different sectors.

Where to find them?

As these are guides that have to be used very frequently and have to support high loads, it is important that they are purchased from a professional company in order to guarantee the quality of the materials and the necessary resistance.

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