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Air conditioner has come to become a necessity these days. And with a number of options available in ACs, it is not easy to buy AC that is the best for you. You can get many options when you buy AC online.

Mid-summer is a tough time in the year. The temperatures in both urban and rural environments go up to 36-37 degrees celsius. And that is why, it is important that you pick the right AC for your needs. Again, ACs have become a lot affordable with low AC prices, and also efficient in recent times.

The two types of ACs you can buy in India

While buying an AC, you must focus on its cooling capacity, the ambient temperature for which it is built, the coolant used, filtration, etc.Let us make buying an AC a bit easier for you by the following information on AC types to help you know about and buy the best AC for yourself.

Window ACs

Window ACs are large because they have to house all the different components inside its single chassis. This means that there are fewer things you have to worry about when you buy a window AC. Also, the entire unit falls cheaper than the rest.

Window ACs are also called monoblocks for this reason. To mount this type of AC on a wall, you require around a 9-12 inch thick wall. If your wall is thinner, an additional support structure would be required.

Split ACs

Split ACs are seen in the market as an improvement over window ACs. Split ACs are made by parting off heat dispensing coils and compressor into an external unit that stays outside your home. However, the maintenance for split ACs is difficult because the repair person has to access the external unit as well.

Also, the internal and external units can’t be placed far apart. The farther the two are kept, the less efficient the full combination gets. The split ACs can be installed at a distance of up to 40 meters away from one another as long as the interconnecting tubing is well-covered.

There is another type called cassette ACs, which are a variant of split ACs. In cassette ACs, the internal unit is mounted over the ceiling of the room.

You can buy ACs online at Tata CLiQ. Learn more about the electronic gadgets that makes the life easier, on this website: www.frogsave.com

Learn more about the electronic gadgets that makes the life easier, on this website: www.frogsave.com

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