Surprises You are Likely to Bump into During Pregnancy

Skin rash, skin itchiness, and flaking are some of the things you are likely to experience during pregnancy. The phase comes with surprises, thanks to your hormonal changes. The wonders follow you through to labor, where issues like loss of bowel and bladder control are common occurrences. Therefore choosing a team that will care for you and shares in your joy is very crucial. Jackson Heights pregnancy team at Raveco Medical offers their patients compassionate and customized care from the moment they are pregnant to delivery and postnatal care.

What unexpected things are you likely to experience with pregnancy?

Mood swings and changes in hair growth are not the only things likely to surprise you during pregnancy. There are so many things you should expect. They include:

Pregnancy woes

Constipation, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids are common woes you are likely to experience in your pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones might cause varicose veins to appear in your genital area or legs, resulting from blood pooling in your enlarged veins. Fortunately, the pooling will resolve after childbirth. To minimize your risks of developing varicose veins, your gynecologist will advise you to:

  • Elevate your feet, especially when you are resting
  • Avoid sitting or standing for extended hours
  • Wear loosely-fitting attires

Hemorrhoids are also common during pregnancy because of your increased blood volume. The high blood volume causes your uterus to exert pressure on your pelvis, enlarging your veins in the rectum. Do not be surprised when you constipate during pregnancy. Constipation, especially when pregnant, occurs because your hormones slow down food movement in your gastrointestinal tract. Hemorrhoids and constipation are usually common in your later pregnancy stages as your uterus pushes against your large intestines, making your bowel movements strenuous.

Joint mobility

Your body produces relaxin when you are pregnant, helping prepare your pubic area and cervix for delivery. The hormone loosens your body’s ligaments, affecting your stability and increasing your injury risks. Your healthcare provider may recommend you to go easy when lifting heavy loads or exercising. The medical professional may also suggest you minimize jerking movements.

Skin changes

Hormonal changes you are likely to experience might cause your skin to glow. During pregnancy, increased blood volume increases your blood flow to various organs, including your kidneys, increasing your oil gland selection. You may develop brownish or yellowish skin patches on your face or a black line (Linea Negra) on the middle section of your lower abdomen. Additionally, you may start experiencing hyperpigmentation on your nipples, anal area, and external genitalia. Since the pigmentation may not be even, the patches may appear like splotches. Though you cannot prevent the skin patches, your healthcare provider will suggest using sunscreen or minimizing your UV exposure for some time. Acne is also a common concern during pregnancy because your sebaceous glands secrete excess oil at the time. You may notice that the moles you had before your pregnancy start darkening and increasing in size. Fortunately, the changes are gestational; you may not see them after delivery.

Pregnancy is a challenging phase for women. Though most of the changes you are likely to experience will fade after childbirth, learning to cope with the changes can sometimes be daunting. Contact your gynecologist to know some of the things likely to get you by surprise.

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