Social distance is necessary, the Prime Minister could not enter the New Zealand cafe

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her colleague, who showed excellent leadership skills in the aftermath of the global epidemic Corona were barred from entering the cafe due to lack of space under the rules of social distance.

According to foreign media reports, when Prime Minister Jacinda and her colleague Clark Gayford arrived at a well-known cafe in Wellington, there was no room for more people according to the rules of social distance, the employee told the PM that there was no room for more guests in the cafe at the moment.

As Jacinda began to leave, a large number of people in the cafe vacated their seats.

When the couple returned, a waiter ran after them and reported that the place was empty and they could come.

“It’s my fault I couldn’t book a place before,” said Jacinda’s colleague Clark Gayford, who blamed the incident on the previous day.

Clark also said he was glad the waiter reported the vacancy, and that the cafe’s service was excellent.

It should be noted that the government of Jacinda Ardern on Thursday announced the relaxation of some rules of social distance, under which cafes, cinemas, and shopping malls were opened two months later.

Restrictions on the spread of the coronavirus in New Zealand were among the strictest in the world.

According to the Prime Minister’s Press Service, waiting for a place in a cafe is in accordance with the principles of social distance.

A statement on state TV said the prime minister had said he could wait like any other citizen.

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