The 10 Best Games Like Skyrim to Keep You Occupied in 2022

Skyrim was one of the biggest games of 2011, and its popularity hasn’t faded. In fact, it keeps popping up in conversations about the greatest RPGs of all time. If you’re like me and are jonesing for another taste of adventure, then here’s a list of games that will most thrill you until Elder Scrolls VI arrives. Elder Scrolls VI is coming out in the future, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to get your open-world RPG fix. Skyrim and its many expansions have kept fans busy for over a decade, and while we anxiously await the next Elder Scrolls, there are other open-world RPG games to tide us over until then. 

Top 10 Best Games Like Skyrim

Here’s a list of games that will most thrill you until Elder Scrolls VI arrives.

10) Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion 

Skyrim was not the first Elder Scrolls game and it isn’t the last. If you’re looking for more games that are similar to Skyrim, then the best option is to go back to the past. Oblivion was, hands down, one of my top games when it was first released in 2006 and it hasn’t changed over the passing of time. You must play Oblivion prior to Skyrim However, it’s fine to skip it if you’re not.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion contains several of the same elements as Skyrim. It lets you explore an open world, gather spells and weapons, as well as connect with the inhabitants of the Cyrodil to complete quests and engage in interesting conversations. The biggest drawback to the game is its age. And did I mention that you can explore other dimensions on the regular basis?

9) Divinity: Original Sin 2

Bethesda’s intricately designed Elder Scrolls universe adds to Skyrim’s immersive world while Divinity: Original Sin 2 manages to do just that by utilizing the highly detailed world of Rivellon.

 After the Divine’s Demise, the void has burst open and Voidwoken is beginning to appear everywhere in the world. As a sorcerer that can manipulate an energy source (a kind of energy that is similar to magic) and you are taking a journey to be an even greater Divine.

 Similar to Skyrim the world reacts differently to your character based upon the ethnicity of your character. Divinity’s amazing story, endless choices for dialogue, skill sets, and crafting components are all part of making Divinity an extremely engaging RPGs on the market.

8) kingdom come: deliverance

It’s a testimony to the ambitions of Warhorse Studios that they decided to go full-time and create one of the largest open-world titles of all time packed with content throughout the board. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an excellent guide for anyone who would like to experience games that are similar to Skyrim.

Combat is one of the most distinct aspects of the game and mastering it could be a lengthy process. But those who put their money into their character will be able to enjoy an enjoyable game with an excellent story, tough combat as well as memorable characters.

7) Legend of Zelda: breath of the wild

Nintendo’s efforts to breathe fresh life to The Legend of Zelda series resulted in the creation of a title which is believed by the majority of people to be the best video game ever produced. Breath of the Wild is an absolute masterpiece and is a game that all fans of open-world action games must test out.

The game’s open-ended nature that is Breath of the Wild combined with a fantastic game loop has made it one of the most enjoyable games, like Skyrim. It’s a game that can require hundreds of hours to be completed — a fact that Skyrim gamers will absolutely love.

6) Dragon Age: Inquisition

Although Dragon Age isn’t as long-running, the Dragon Age series isn’t as long-lasting as Zelda’s Legend of Zelda it does offer plenty of swords and magic action to play within its back catalog. The latest installment includes Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third installment in BioWare’s wildly popular series. It is set in Thedas the land of myth and mystery, which is home to many kingdoms and exciting climates.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is packed with rich history and offers a vibrant open world that is full of side quests to keep you entertained. If you’re fond of the loot system found in Skyrim then you’ll love the features Inquisition offers There’s an abundance of weapons and armor and a satisfying reward system that gives you crucial crafting supplies to aid your journey.


As one of the best fantasy RPGs in recent memory, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an absolute must. In the shoes of monster-slayer Geralt of Rivia, you’re tasked with finding Ciri who happens to be the heir to the Cintra throne. In the race find her before the Wild Hunt, you’ll be thrown into monster fights, political unrest, and so much more besides.

Much like Skyrim, you can decide how you play out your adventure in its rich world fit to bursting with story-driven quests and areas to explore. The scope and depth of the Witcher 3 makes for one unforgettable experience, with fantastical beast battles and gorgeous vistas to soak up. 

Honestly, there’s so much to do and discover, you can easily wind-up spending hours exploring the vast landscapes without touching the main story-line. Sound familiar? If you’ve been sitting on this one, the Game of the Year Edition includes the excellent Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone DLCs, which gives you oodles of additional gameplay. There are endless hours of adventuring to be had.

4) Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls was initially released in Japan with mixed reception and low sales, but it became a critic and commercial hit after it was made available to the West. The game was created By from Software as well as published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Demon’s Souls is an action-RPG game popular for its challenging battles and addicting gameplay.

The player has to create an avatar and begin an adventure in a place known as Boletaria and is infested by demons, under the rule of an entity known as Old One.

3) Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Although it’s an older game Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is an enjoyable action RPG similar to Skyrim which has a certain amount of timeless charm that’s simple to get into. While the graphics may be somewhat outdated and the accompanying dialogue leaves much for improvement, the game is worthwhile if you’re an avid fan of Elder Scrolls games.

The main things that distinguish this title is the combat mechanics as well as the overall plot. The game starts with surviving the attack of a dragon but then having your heart broken and sucked away. After that, you begin your quest to recover your heart back from the person who has taken it.

2) World of Warcraft

The popular World of Warcraft has attracted millions of players and is the most viewed MMORPG in the world. Based on the real-time strategy game Warcraft, WoW was originally released in 2004 and then followed by several expansions including Shadowlands due to release in the coming year.

In terms of the content, World of Warcraft provides every feature Skyrim offers and more. The players have the option of playing WoW for many years without seeing every corner of its huge world. It’s the ultimate RPG experience.

1) God of War

The world has received God of War exceptionally well for its amazing combat, graphics and narrative, and pretty much everything else. It was amazing to see Kratos as a father figure, teaching his boy how to fight while slaying gods and foes alike is amazing. The action in the latest adventures from Kratos the Ghost of Sparta is slightly more refined and controlled as opposed to the chaos he created in the previous God of War games.

The transformation of the series into an Action RPG gave the developers the opportunity to explore and fill it with fantastic Norse-themed images and stories. Similar to what inspired many of the story elements that are on Skyrim. In addition, both games provide an engaging, fantasy-based combat style reminiscent of Vikings.

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