No One Will Be Safe In Biden’s America: Trump

US President Donald Trump has accused the Democratic presidential candidate of being a socialist, saying Biden is in fact a puppet of Democratic leader Bernie Sanders, no one will be safe in Biden’s the United States.Addressing a forum on Venezuela, President Trump said that if Biden became president, no one would be safe in the United States because Democrats would hand over the country to the socialist mob.President Trump has said that Biden is a puppet of outgoing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and left-wing extremists.The US president claimed that these were the same people who wanted to demolish the statues and monuments of leaders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, to the extent that these leftists would not hesitate to demolish the statue of Jesus Christ.President Trump said that even Biden himself did not know what will America be like in his time? President Trump has accused Joe Biden wants to end police funding. They call the police the enemy and want to leave the people at the mercy of the socialist mob.Talking about Biden’s growing popularity, President Trump said that he is facing a terrible situation, so Republicans need to be strong.President Trump claims that there are many Democrats who support him, the situation is opposite because a group of Republicans recently announced that they would not vote for President Trump.

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