Know What Causes Back Pain

Back pain is a common disorder that affects many people in the world. According to research, back pain is caused by injuries that affect your spinal cord. These injuries occur when involved in an accident, war, domestic violence, and falling. Back pain can last for a few days and then disappears if it was not severe. However, for severe back pain, doctor’s attention is required since it signifies that you may have problems in the spinal cord, nerves, and soft tissues. William L Yancey MD is a professional doctor who offers treatment of back pain and other chronic diseases. Below are the significant causes of back pain.

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The primary causes of back pain

Apart from injuries that bring spinal problems, types of work can also bring spinal issues. People working in offices spend much time sitting which adds more pressure to spinal disks. Industrial workers may lift heavy cargos causing spinal fractures and spinal disks shifting. The causes include:

  • Closed spinal fractures. Back injuries sometimes cause your backbone to have a fracture. Closed fractures are fractures that cannot be seen using your naked eyes. When you twist your back, these fractures might cause back pain.
  • Herniated disks. Once you have an accident or lift heavy luggage, your spinal disks may tend to shift from their sockets. These disks compress the nerves, and soft tissues found around them, thus causing back pain. Back pain develops to its severity once you keep on twisting your back frequently.
  • Wear and tear of nerves and tissues. Old adults are likely to develop back pain due to wear and tear of nerves and soft tissue found around the spinal cord. Wear and tear occur due to friction between spinal disks and sockets. Once the friction occurs, nerves and tissue become damaged and destroyed.
  • Degenerative disc disorder. The disks that act as shock absorbers between your spinal vertebrae may shrink and tear. The upper and the lower disk rub each other, causing friction that results in back pain. Pain is felt during walking, standing up, working, and turning.
  • Spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis happens when your spinal canal has narrowed. This effect adds pressure to your nerves and tissues, hence causing back pain. Spinal stenosis is prevalent in adults in their 60s.
  • Diseases. There are some diseases that interfere with your nerves and tissues. These diseases include cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. The high sugar level in your body damages a lot of nerves, including spinal nerves. Damaged nerves result in pain when twisted. Arthritis may cause inflammation of tissue and nerves. Inflamed nerves are easily strained by spinal disks, thus causing back pain. The presence of a trauma in your spine may also cause back pain. When the trauma is compressed, itching pain is felt.

Many people consider back pain as a simple condition that will recover on its own. However, it is recommendable to have a doctor’s check-up since back pain may have resulted from other major spinal problems. Specialists found at Yancey Pain & Spine Center treat and manage both severe and non-severe back pain.

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