How To Grow Your Dental Practice Through Instagram

Dentistry is undergoing a renaissance at the moment. Since the pandemic, there has been a boom in demand for dental services, as America’s population ages and because of the still unresolved shortage of dentists and dental staff in the country. Yet, dentistry remains a tough market for dentists, because patients aren’t going to entrust their teeth to just anyone. You need a strategy to be able to grow your dental practice, and Instagram provides the perfect starting point. Here’s what you need to do.

Dentistry is a visual art, as well as being a medical science. The best results are a blend of the scientific and the aesthetic. For patients, it’s not enough to simply fulfil medical criteria, they need to be able to feel that their teeth look great as well. This is what makes Instagram so vital. The platform is all about the visual. It’s the perfect place to showcase your work.

1. Engage With Your Followers

Your followers are part of a community and it’s a community that needs your engagement to truly come alive. The content you post is only one part of your success. It’s a relationship, and so, you need to engage in conversation with your followers. It’s important for them to feel that you are accessible and relatable. Like posts, comment on what others are saying, give praise, ask your followers questions. You have to connect in an authentic way.

Part of that means sharing stuff not directly related to your work, to give a sense that you aren’t just a business. For instance, if someone at the office had a birthday, take to Instagram and share the event. It’s all about opening the doors to your practice.

2. Praise Your Patients

Post content about your patients. Not just ugly and unoriginal before-and-after pictures, but posts showing your patients at work, and living their lives. You want posts that show your patients’ happiness, because this will get people forming the connection that your patients are happy because of the work you’ve done.

3. Use Tags and Hashtags

If you want people to find your content, you need to use the appropriate hashtags and location tagging to help them find it. So you don’t want #dentistry, for example, because that’s too broad and you’ll end up with viewers who will never be your clients. So let’s say, like Dr. Hal Arnold, you work from Atlanta, then you could try, #AtlantaDentistry for example. This will attract people who are specifically looking for a dentist in Atlanta. So out yourself in the mindset of someone looking for a dentist in your area and ask yourself what hashtags and tags they would use.

4. Get Trending

You want to engage with the relevant trends. This is the stuff that people are talking about and which they are likely to want to hear your opinion on. If you follow all the main local players, you will have a sense of what the big trends in your community are. Look for positive trends because you want positive associations.

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