How to choose perfume for men and women

The world of perfumes is vast and exciting, especially if you are new. There are a ton of perfumes available in the market for both men and women. Perfumes add a touch of elegance and pleasantness to your outfit and persona in general. For many users, perfumes boost confidence and moods too. Perfumes make for the best kinds of gifts to give to men and women alike.

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But what makes a fragrance “feminine” or “masculine”? And how can you choose perfume for men and women?

The difference in men and women perfumes

The most basic differences in perfumes of men and women are that most floral perfumes are associated with women. Any perfume with floral scents is most likely a woman’s perfume. Other scent families that generally tend to be in women’s perfumes are Citrus, Oriental and Chypre. For the man, prevalent scent families are Woody, Citrus, Oriental and Aromatic.

The first thing you must do is identify the scent family that you like the best and that suits your persona. Even in these scent families, each scent has different kinds of notes like earthy, warm, flowery, or refreshing.

How to pick “your” perfume

Most perfumes are marketed with labels like ‘For women’ and ‘For men’, which makes things easier. But just reading the label is not all it takes is choosing the right perfume for men and women. Each perfume is different and packed differently. Many perfume bottles have interesting and attractive shapes which entice customers into buying them without even smelling the scent. This is not the right way to do it.

  • Once at a store, pick up a bottle you like and try it on. Smell deep and see if the scent evokes a memory or a feeling. Your perfect perfume should be a scent that you instantly love and that, in some sense, defines your personality.
  • Instead of using the cards available at stores, spray tester perfumes on the inside of your wrists and rub them gently before smelling them. What you smell initially will be the top note. The top note can be luring, but you must wait till the medium note at least to make your decision. Why? That is because perfumes change and have three notes, namely the top, medium and base.
  • The perfume you spray will reduce in intensity over time and will show different notes. You need to pick the one that goes well with your body odour!
  • There are different occasions to wear different perfumes. Some of them can be worn daily, some can be festive, some can be confidence-boosting, but underrated perfumes for work.
  • Try out a total of not more than 4 perfumes at a time and take breaks before smelling new perfumes.

Men’s perfumes and women’s perfumes are starkly different, but they have a few overlapping scent families like Citrus and Oriental. Citrus, as the name suggests, involves citrus fruits like lemons and tangerines. Oriental scent family involves sandalwood, vanilla, and amber. Since these scents are present in the two kinds of perfumes, a third kind, unisex perfumes have also arisen which can be a great option if you can’t make up your mind!

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