E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics For Successful Online Business

For every person, the primary objective of running the business is to make the maximum profit and sales. However, business owners implement different and effective strategies and techniques to produce maximum earnings and revenue. With new technologies, ways of reaching customers are changing. In this technological and digital era, selling and buying over the internet has become a trend. E-Commerce has come a long way and proved to be a great substitute and solution for brick-and-mortar stores.

A website conversion is a predetermined action that you expect visitors to perform. The percentage of visitors performing the required action is the website’s conversion rate. The conversion rate is evaluated by dividing the number of visitors performing the desired actions by the total number of visitors. For an E-Commerce website, a conversion is the selling of any product and the conversion rate is stated as the percentage of visitors who completed the sale within the specific time. The practice of maximizing this conversion rate is defined as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

Why Is CRO Important?

To understand the importance of CRO, let us go through one simple example. Consider you have an E-Commerce website that had 50,000 visitors in the last month. Out of these 50,000 people, 1000 people purchased products from your online store and contributed to the conversion rate.

Assume that you sold each product at $500. Therefore, the sale for the last month would be $500,000 and the conversion rate would be 2%. Now consider that you have modified your website’s landing page and the conversion rate increased to 5%. This will, in turn, increase your sale and revenue to $1250,000.

From the above example, you can observe the effect of the conversion rate on the revenue. Just a simple modification on the landing page has increased the number of visitors into customers. Therefore, Conversion Rate Optimization is essential for maximum sales and revenue.

5 E-Commerce CRO Tactics For Successful Online Business

  1. Optimize Product Pages

In online shopping, customers cannot try or see products for real. Therefore, it is essential for sellers to present the product neatly and clearly. For optimizing the product page, follow the below tricks:

  • Insert the product’s high-quality and high-resolution images and videos. Make sure that images are in their most real sense.
  • Visitors should quickly find the products they are looking for on your online store. Use product categories so that visitors can see the desired products with just a few clicks.
  • Make the product description short and crisp. You can consult Techmagnate that offers high-class content marketing services.
  1. Refine Checkout Process

The checkout process is the last step. Visitors usually become customers after they complete the checkout process. The checkout page of your website should be precise and minimized. Make sure you don’t add any unwanted and unnecessary fields for visitors to fill. Such fields make them irritated and may leave the site.

Therefore, try to include the most significant information, such as name, address, email, and payment details. Other tricks to optimize the checkout page is:

  • Installing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on the checkout page to secure it
  • Offering multiple payment options to consumers
  • Making the cart products visible at all the time
  • Adding the progress bar for the checkout process helps customers to understand how long the process is
  • Auto-filling and setting shipping address to default features for returning customers
  1. Use Analytics Tools To Measure Results

CRO can also be performed without examining the visitor’s behaviour on the website. To determine the conversion rate, you can leverage analytics tools, like Google Analytics, HotJar, Kissmetrics, etc. These analytics tools will help you know what part of your website is precisely contributing to the conversion rate and what part is making customers leave the site.

  1. A/B Testing

A/B testing also referred to as bucket or split testing, means comparing two different versions of the same website to determine which version offers the maximum conversion rate. To get better conversion rates, you have to test the website all the time.

  1. Optimize The Website For Mobile

Mobile phones have become a friendly element of humans. Therefore, you can gain many customers and increase your sales and revenue by optimizing the website for mobile. Below are some tricks to optimize the website for mobile:

  • Your website should be mobile friendly so that customers and visitors get the best experience. Optimize your website for fast load times.
  • Don’t use sidebars or pop-ups for your website on mobile devices.
  • Customers should feel comfortable while filtering products on mobile devices.


You can save your business with CRO. All the above tricks mentioned will help you to optimize your website for maximum revenue and sales. Techmagnate is one of the foremost digital marketing companies that offer SEO, website designing, SEO, E-Commerce Solutions, CRO, video marketing and content marketing services. Learn more about the ecommerce market, on this website: www.internetmarketingtofreedom.com

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