Do You Wonder Which Birth Control Method is Right for You?

There are different methods of family planning that vary from one another. Thus, you should not be worried since there is a type of birth control that suits you. This method allows you and your partner to plan on a family that suits your finances, personal goals, and cultural needs. Family planning in McAllen has been revolutionized by Dr. Otero of the Women Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley. He understands that choosing the right birth control can be overwhelming and hence offers the right advice at an individual level. Here is what you ought to know about birth control to make the best decision for your lifestyle and body.

The Pill

Pills are one of the family planning methods which are effective when taken as directed. You should choose the time of the day when you will be taking your pill daily without skipping. This pill is used to prevent you from getting pregnant, for it releases a hormone that stops your ovaries from producing eggs and also makes your cervical mucus thick, making it difficult for sperm to enter the uterus.

Vaginal Ring

It is inserted into your vagina. Using a vaginal ring is a safe and easy way to prevent pregnancy. It is approximately 99% effective by the release of hormones such as estrogen to stop ovulation, thus, no egg remains to be fertilized. It is convenient for people who don’t take pills or use any other birth control. When you think of having sex, ensure that you have your ring to protect you from pregnancy every day.

Intrauterine Device

It’s a small device that is t-shaped and is placed inside your uterus by a health practitioner. It is the most effective method because there is no room to make a mistake, unlike a pill that you can forget to take. An IUD is also a long-term method of birth control as it lasts for three to ten years or until you want to remove it.


This is an affordable method used by many when having sex. It can only be effective when you use it correctly every time you have intercourse since it prevents semen from coming into contact with vaginal fluids. Condoms do not allow sperm to meet up with the egg. You may not be certain about its usage since it may spoil while in action, increasing the chances of becoming pregnant. Thus you should be careful as you choose this birth control method.

Permanent Birth Control

This is a surgical procedure that, for a man, prevents sperm from mixing with the semen. Another surgical procedure is available for women which blocks or removes the fallopian tubes, stopping any eggs from being dropped. If you choose this birth control, you should be aware that it prevents pregnancy by 99% and cannot be reversed: it’s a lifetime birth control.

For more information or to get the birth control you desire, call the office of Woman’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley to make an appointment today.

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