Coping with parenting stress

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. While it can be extremely rewarding, the cost paid for it also runs very high. Worries start off from pregnancy and end, never. Suffice to say, parenting is indeed very challenging.

Yet, from the fear of appearing as bad parents and the subsequent social censure, parents seldom say how tough their life gets with children. They also have the fear of appearing ungrateful when they complain about their children, and so they hold it up inside.

Do not cripple under pressure

When parents, from the fear of judgment, get in the denial mode that they are fine, they endanger their mental health. Stress and anxiety make it harder for the parents to carry out their job as well, not to mention the toll it takes on their physical health as well.

Parents might be jeopardizing their health for the sake of their children, but their children also suffer due to their impaired mental health. It is very important for the parents to keep their stress levels in check, and or consult the best Psychiatrist in Lahore for help with stress management.

Other helpful tips to cope with parenting stress include:

Share load

Many a times, only one parents is bearing the brunt of the work. This puts a lot of pressure on them and causes burn out in extreme cases as well.

While fathers, in conventional step up, manage the finances, they work under the assumption that the mothers are to handle the kids. This mindset puts mothers under a lot of stress, who have to seamlessly manage the house, the kids, and simultaneously cater to the couples’ social life as well.

These superhuman expectations will overtax the parent, which is why both should contribute towards raising the children.

Take time out for yourself

Prioritizing yourself every once in a blue moon does not make you a bad parent, but actually, it helps you become a better one. While you do love your kids immensely, but parents also need a break.

Therefore, guiltlessly, make time for yourself. Get a sitter, request your family, talk to your friends but make sure you get quality time that helps you unwind. When you are destressed and relaxed, your mental health also improves.

Talk to fellow parents.

Talking is actually very cathartic. Some parents refrain from talking about their problems from the fear of appearing as inadept. If that’s the case, talk only to your closest friends and family, but do talk your worries out.

People can offer you insights that you might not have realized otherwise. Also, utilize the experience of others. Do not equate seeking advice as not knowing any better.

Get away from negative energy

As long as you, as a parent, are doing your best, nothing else matters. You might feel overwhelmed by the super-human social media mommies and daddies, and the multitaskers may make you feel inadequate, but do yourself a massive favor, and cut this negative energy out from your life.

Some parents also get compared to their friends and family. Whether it be their abilities or the achievements of the children. Things, as a result, get tense. You feel pressured to be a certain way. This path of stress and unhappiness is very destructive.

Realize that parenting is not a race; everyone has a different style. So, do not put yourself down, yourself.

Your wellbeing is important as well

A mentally ill parent, no matter how good their intention is, will not be able to raise good children unless they do something about their health first. Due to the misconstrued notion about mental health, a lot many people forget that someone is not responsible for poor mental condition. For them, getting help is a necessity, not a choice that they make.

Therefore, do not feel selfish when you take steps to improve your mental health. If it means taking a day off, so be it. If your stress is making it difficult for you to complete your chores, let them be.

It is okay to cut yourself slack. Do not fret about others’ opinions but do what’s best for your children by doing things that are best for your mental health.

Also, make a habit of eating well and getting sufficient shuteye. Exercise is also very helpful against stress and anxiety.

Get organized

Managing children is juggling so much work and eventually something skips from the mind. Enter, stress.

The solution; get organized. We do realize that organization is easier said than done but doing so will save you so much trouble. Have a pocket planner to stay on top of your to-do list. Put the family calendar-cum-planner in the main area as well, so the entire family is aware of the agenda.

Put reminders in your phone so that you are aware of all that needs to be done. Get the lunch preparation done on a weekend, label the packets, so you just have to do the bare minimum on the school days.

Set aside cleaning and laundry days so you do not have to worry about clean clothes and do not drive yourself insane with household chores. Bottom line: devise a system that helps you stay on top of things and curbs your stress levels.

Seek counselling

Lastly, if your mental health still does not improve, you need medical help. Talk to the best Psychiatrist in Karachi and work with them to manage your stress levels.

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