Colon Cancer Screening: What You Should Know

About 140,000 Americans are diagnosed with colon cancer every year. This is why it’s so important to get screened regularly by a doctor for signs of the disease. Colon cancer screening can help detect polyps and other early signs of this deadly illness, allowing doctors to treat the disease before it spreads through the body successfully. Polyps can be benign or cancerous, and if they are left untreated for an extended period, they can eventually turn into a type of cancer. If you want to stay healthy and prevent your chances of developing colon cancer from dragging on, consider undergoing regular screening tests done by a Lima colon cancer screening specialist to help identify any potentially harmful polyps in your system.

Benefits of Colon Cancer Screening

Early Detection

Getting screened can help detect polyps or other signs of cancer early before the disease spreads throughout the body. The earlier they are detected, the more likely doctors can successfully treat them to prevent colon cancer from developing.

Save Lives

The earlier doctors can detect colon cancer, the easier they can save your life. Colon cancer screening has been used to help detect hundreds of thousands of people who have or will develop this deadly disease.

Better Treatment Options

Doctors will be able to provide you with better treatment options if you get screened for colon cancer. With early detection, they can be sure to remove any harmful polyps and prevent this disease from spreading to your other organs. Furthermore, doctors may discover another illness during your screenings that require additional treatment.

Save You Money

When people catch their precancerous polyps early on, it prevents them from developing into a deadly form of cancer that makes treatment much more expensive for those who have already been diagnosed. That is why it’s essential to talk to your doctor about how often you should be screened, as well as set up an appointment to get the necessary tests done.

When Should You Get Screened for Colon Cancer?

At Least Once a Year

The recommended amount of times people should get screened for colon cancer is at least once per year, although it will depend on your health history and which screenings you have done before. Your doctor may consider getting tested more often if there’s reason to believe that you are at risk for developing colon cancer or polyps.

At Age 50 or Earlier

People at average risk of developing colon cancer do not have a history of the disease in their families. Doctors recommend getting screened for the first time around the age of 50. You may have to get tested earlier if there’s reason to believe that they may be at a heightened risk for the disease.

After Age 75 or Earlier

After age 75, people can get screened less often, usually every 3-5 years instead of yearly. As you age, your risk level for developing colon cancer naturally decreases as well, which is why doctors may recommend getting tested more frequently if you’re under this age.

To summarize, there are different reasons to get screened for colon cancer. Early detection can cut treatment costs. You also have more treatment options that can save your life. You should get screened for colon cancer if you have risk factors related to age. If not, you should get screened at least once a year.

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