Avoid Fake Instagram Followers and Follow Best Practices to Grow It Organically

If you are a digital marketer exploring Instagram strategies, you may already know that there is a real difference between having an Instagram account with legitimate and fake followers.For the beginners, it may seem to be very tempting topurchase Instagram followers simply but backfiring of the same may overweight the perks of even organic following growth over time. So, you should always avoid any fake Instagram followers and try to build more organic traffic through legitimate activities and campaigns.

The disadvantage of fake Instagram followers

There are many backlashes of trying fake Instagram followers as:

  • Deceiving the new followers– If you are, users may come on to an inactive Instagram feed with thousands of followers. Still, having a lower account activity, people may instantly know that you are tricking them into following you. Any marketer’s primary goal is to build trust and long-term relationships with prospective customers for better engagement.Doing adverse practices will only help to spoil that trust. Always try to follow legitimate practices to have followers sustain over time.
  • Having no return on investment– Buying followers may be much easier by paying a little sum, but these bot followers may not be purchasing anything really from you. People tend to follow the brands on Instagram for a specific reason for what you present on this platform as your company’s product or services. These real followers are the actual spenders who will bring in any return on investment or monetary value to your business.
  • Create no buzz –Even if you have 10000 fake followers, how much among them maybe liking a post, commenting, or sharing your content to actual followers? Over time, these bots and fake accounts may be cleared up by Instagram, and your posts may seem like engagement graveyards.

As we have seen here, real followers can like, share, comment, and engage effectively with your Instagram content, whereas fake followers do not have the same. Additionally, these real users may enjoy what is out there offered by you and love to respond to your content.They take their time out to answer, ask,participate in your contests, and share your products and services if they are happy. As a result, your users may come back again and again to your Instagram wall to view and engage with your content and follow you loyally. Even if limited at the beginning, these interactions will have more value than the inactive followers you buy. However, the hashtags you are using, like Like4Like, is a different story, which can surely help increase your followership.

Further, we will discuss some really helpful tips to get more followers for Instagram.

Showcase your Instagram everywhere possible

Think of how many other people find your account unless you try to promote your Instagram feeds. Ensure that your Instagram account gets listed on your website as well as other social networking platforms.You have to create visibility and awareness about your Instagram to get it covered by potential followers of various kinds. If you want to get more and more Instagram followers, let people know where to look for you. You may also add specific social media buttons on website pages, blogs, emails, and across various other networks to show people how to reach on your Instagram.

Another great idea is to try and promote Instagram posts across other social media platforms. You can spread awareness about your Instagram feeds through Facebook and Twitter instantly. You can also leverage your other social networks to reach more users and bring them onto your Instagram directly.

However, also make sure that you are not simply asking them to follow. Instead, you must try to promote some unique content on your Instagram so that the users may have a reason to follow you.Fortunately, Instagram is adding tons of new content and video features like Reels, Stories IGTV, etc., whichwill offer you a great opportunity to build followers with creative content.

Know their interests and post content that your followers need

This is much easier said than done. It is a very smart move to learn what content your followers may prefer, but you need to quickly find it on Instagram as some content tend to perform much better than others. This is why testing content is very important. Whether these are captions, filters, content types for post timings, etc., even the smallest details can make a huge difference. So, it would help if you kept your eyes open and ears to the ground to evaluate Instagram trends to know whether you are posting popular content or not. To take your Instagram a step forward, your brand should invest in analytical tools too. These will make it much easier to track, analyze, benchmark, and fine-tune your Instagram content across different accounts for better engagement.

You can also be confident about your Instagram content strategy by analyzing different captions, filters, and more to see what works the best for your audience. If you are unsure where to start, you may explore your competitors’ activities to identify what works for them and whatnot. However, you should not simply copy your competitors. Instead, you need to do some smart analysis by taking notes on what they are posting to gain engagement. A little competitive research may take you a long way to build and revise your strategies. You may also use the CompetitorReports on Instagram to look at what is working for similar brands in your industry.

Get conversations started

One ideal way to ensure the users are aware of your Instagram is by initiating conversations from your end.As per a research study, the consumers want to engage with the Instagram visual content like photos and videos followed by text post better. Instagram is an ideal way for such an audience profile by sharing eye-catchy visuals with intelligent captions, which will be engaging. People continue to use social media as a contact reference for their brands, whether for getting product information or raising serious customer care questions.

You should respond to as many questions as possible raised by the customers as it makes a difference in getting new customers and followers by improving your relationship with the target audience. The research study had found that about 89% of the consumers tend to buy from a brand after following it on social platforms. So, it is important to secure the attention and built loyalty to convert a visitor to a follower and a buyer.

Along with these, you may also try out successful hashtag utilization to convert and make your Instagram followers happy. Instagram is an ever-growing platform, and taking better advantage of the steps we discussed here will help you gain more followers organically and increase your reach multifold.

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