A 4-Week Complete-Body Strength Walking Plan

One of the easiest ways to stay active every day is by walking. It’s easy to do and this makes it a very effective way of enhancing your overall health. Walking provides a lot of health benefits such as boosting heart rate, enhancing mental alertness, and many more. Also, you can improve your mood and introduce calmness to your mind just by taking a few steps outdoors. However, there are different facets to walking exercises, and one of them is known as “incline walking”.

In this post, we will take a look at a 4-week overall body strength walking plan that will help boost your overall health. We will also inculcate a few bodyweight strength exercises to get you going.


Before we delve right into the walking plan, we must introduce you to the common walking routine terminologies that you will come across in this plan.

Here are a few of them:

  • ENDURANCE WALKING ROUTINE: This type of walking intensity takes place between the steady-state, and recovery walking routines. Engaging in conversations should be easy while walking.
  • HIGH-INTENSITY WALKING ROUTINE: This involves taking as many steps as you can in the shortest time possible. It is almost impossible to engage in any conversation at this point.
  • THE RECOVERY WALKING ROUTINE: This form of walking is also referred to as the low-intensity walking routine. It involves walking at your own pace and it is used either as a warm-up or cool-down routine.
  • THE STEADY-STATE WALKING ROUTINE: This involves walking rapidly. However, you can still maintain a conversation despite your breathing being elevated.
  • THE INCLINE LADDER WALKING ROUTINE: This involves the use of a ladder. You try getting to the top and descending afterward.
  • THE STRENGTH CIRCUIT WALKING ROUTINE: This involves taking a 5-minute warm-up walk and performing lunges, push-ups, and squatting routines in the first round. Afterward, it requires that you take a 5-minute steady-state walking routine then proceed to lateral lunges, bird dogs, and planks in the second round. The third round involves another 5-minute steady-state walking routine alongside some superman, bicycle crunch, and dumbbell row routines. The routine ends with a cooling routine that involves performing a recovery walking routine for 5 minutes. Want an alternative by an effective way to improve your overall body strength? Navigate to this website to find out.


Here is the breaking of our 4-week overall body strength walking plan:

  • THE FIRST WEEK: Begin with a 4-round strength circuit walking routine then proceed to a 5-minute warm-up walk. Next is the inclined ladder walking routine, a 30-second steady-state walking routine, and cooling down with a 5-minute recovery walking routine. Take a 10-minute rest and repeat the steps given above. Rest again, then begin the recovery walking routine for 30 to 60 minutes before taking your final rest.
  • THE SECOND WEEK: Begin with a 6-round strength circuit walking routine then proceed to a 5-minute warm-up walk. Repeat the remaining processes according to the first week’s plan.
  • THE THIRD WEEK: Maintain the strength circuit walking routine rounds as per the second week then proceed to a 5-minute recovery walking routine. Afterward, proceed to the incline ladder routine and cool down for 5 minutes. Take a 15-minute rest and begin an 8-round strength circuit walking routine, a 5-minute cool-down routine, and a set of any strength routine that will last for 45 seconds without rest. Take a 15-minute rest and proceed to the recovery walking routine for 30 minutes.
  • THE FOURTH WEEK: Repeat the same processes from the plan of the third week but with 10 rounds of the strength circuit walking routine.

Walking plays a huge role in enhancing our overall body strength and benefiting our health in more ways.

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