5 Steps to Build a Website

Getting your business visibility online through the use of a website is not only a popular digital marketing practice, but an essential one. Nowadays the potential of business expansion that websites bring is enormous. With numerous ways on how to make a website, setting it up has never been easier. Read these five easy steps to create your website and start expanding your business.

1.Set a goal for your site

Attempting to build a website without having a fixed goal in mind will not result in much success. It is vital that you begin by setting a goal for your website. During this planning plase, asking yourself specific questions can help to narrow down a goal. These can be questions such as: What pages do I need? Here, you may consider adding the standard pages like home, about us, products/services and contact us. You may wish to stop there, but you can investigate whether or not it would be beneficial for your company to add other pages.

Once you are confident in your pages decision, it is important to structure them in a hierarchical fashion that optimises your website. This will not only help your readers navigate your website more easily, but also improve your site’s search engine ranking.

Another question may be what do I want the website to look like? Here, you will consider the style and overall look of your website. What feelings do visitors get? Is it visually pleasing?

2.Choose a website builder/developer

With your set goal in mind, step two involves choosing either a website builder or developer to build your website. There are advantages to both paths. For example, if you choose a website builder, you get to be involved personally in the creation of your site (i.e. more control of content, look, text etc.). However, with a website developer, this frees up your time to focus on the many urgent matters you face as an entrepreneur. Some recommended website builders are GoDaddy, Weebly, SquareSpace, Wix and WordPress. If you want more of a hands-off approach, you may prefer to hire a web designer or web developer to create your website. This is where step one comes in handy. As, by providing a clear goal of your website, the developer is more likely to build what you envision.

3.Find a Template That Suits Your Business

With the abundance of templates available online today, choosing a suitable one should not be a difficult task. Templates are even suggested to you based on your specific industry. However, you are not limited to these designs. You are given freedom to edit and create your site. Templates are beneficial not only because they are time-saving, but because of their responsive/mobile friendly design. This means your business website will deliver a great user experience no matter which type of device your visitors use.

4.Create your website’s pages

As previously mentioned, the pages you choose will be specific to your needs and your industry expectations. Your website builder will create all your pages automatically for you. We advise beginning with your home page, as this is most likely going to be your most visited page or first point of contact. Remember to include specific calls-to-action (CTAs) in your text to help you achieve your marketing goals. Should you wish to increase your newsletter sign-ups, include the CTA of encouraging visitors to sign up.

5.Preview and Publish Your Website

It is important to preview your website before you click ‘publish.’ This provides you with the opportunity to spot any errors and make any changes after A/B testing. After you are confident in your website, click publish and you are off.

Website Maintenance, Updates, and Optimization

Unfortunately the work does not stop there. Constant updates, edits for optimisation and testing must be done to maintain and optimise your website and ensure your goals are being met.

Building a website in our modern technological times is not an impossible challenge- even for the least tech-minded person. With the aid of website builders and/or developers creating your site is an achievable task that has online businesses booming.

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